Microsoft Windows 7 Pro Starts Reminding Deadline

Microsoft still wants to transfer everyone to Windows 10 and so it began to send alerts about the imminent termination of support for Windows 7 Pro, which should, as expected, stimulate unyielding users.

Earlier, the same alerts began to come to users of Windows 7 Home, but now it’s time for the “Professional” version.

Redmond believes that this should remind users of the need to move to the “top ten.” at the same time, we note that free support really ends in January 2020. Further only for money.

In addition to the message itself, the system contains a “learn more” button. When you click on it, a web page opens describing the benefits of Windows 10. There you can also see options for computers running the new OS.

Thus, Microsoft is doing its best to persuade users to migrate to the “top ten.” Of course, companies are most interested in corporate users.

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Hasnat Ali

He's a bug bounty security researcher at HackerOne & Bugcrowd. Ali is currently completing his degree in a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He loves to find security vulnerabilities in webs and android applications.

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