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Government will expand the use of Online Police Officers

Online Undercover Police Officer must have greater powers in the hunt for criminals, the government believes.

The government will, with its play “Security and safety in the public space” create more security for citizens and this should apply not only in the street scene but also in the digital world.

In the play, the police plan to investigate criminals who hide behind false profiles and operate in hidden networks. These criminals have difficulty accessing the police today. That’s what Jyllands-Posten writes.

The government will thus expand the Police Officers business. It is characterized by police officers undercover in serious crime cases. This means that in the future Police Officers should also be able to go undercover online and communicate directly with suspected perpetrators.

The proposal is currently being heard. According to the proposal, the police will in future have the opportunity, among other things, to create a false profile on an internet forum and engage in dialogue with a heel about goods.

Even today, the police can use secret agents in the investigation but they can only do this in relation to serious crime, where there is a sentence of six years imprisonment or more.

Child Safty

What is new is that the scheme will be extended to crime in cases involving child pornography, sales of heel goods, drugs, weapons and explosives on the Internet.

We fear that the network agents may be contributing to crime. A good principle in the agent rules is that the police must clarify the crime that is still being committed, and must not themselves help to increase the extent or seriousness of the crime, but it can just be extremely difficult to secure in an online world, says Jesper Lund, chairman of the Jutland Post.

The government’s initiative is largely a reproduction of a previous bill from the VLAK government. It was heard in the spring but never reached the resolution because of the general election. At that time, the Court considered that the implementation of the bill could lead to more criminal cases.

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