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French Companies Under Constant Rain of Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks: Opinion Matters interviewed more than 250 CIOs, DTs, and CISOs for Carbon Black in various sectors of activity (Finance, Health, Public Administration, Distribution, Agriculture Business). The results of this survey, completed in summer 2019, give a state of the art of cybersecurity threats in France and an idea of the level of maturity of companies in the face of cybersecurity.

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Carbon Black was bought last summer for $2.1 billion by VMware, to complement the virtualization giant’s offering. The idea behind this absorption is, according to Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware, to be able to protect each workload of a company and each customer. While waiting for the integration of Carbon Black’s Cloud Native offering into VMware products, the cybersecurity specialist gives us the main figures that emerge from this survey.

More and More Sophisticated Attacks

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In summary, they are 90% to have compromised at least, if not more than 12 months. External attacks that had a financial impact for almost half, or 47% of them, while 74% complain of a negative effect on their brand image.

Compared to the previous year, 87% have noticed a significant increase in the number of attacks and among them, 89% say that the level of sophistication of these attacks is higher.

The preferred method of attackers to enter the Information Systems (IS) companies is phishing according to this same study.

And yet, companies are more and more confident about their ability to defend themselves (86% of respondents). Would this be an effect of increased budgets dedicated to their cyber defense for 95% of them (against 89% last year)?

Their worries are more oriented towards the evolution of the IS with projects of digital transformation at all costs and the arrival of 5G with 35% who fear not only a significant increase in the attack surface but also more difficult attacks to combat.

HRD is the shortage because, for the 27% who want to hire specialists, they are 64% to meet difficulties even if they are 83% to find evidence of attacks with the Threat Hunting they would have could not find alone.

Frequency of Attacks Rising

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Compared to last year, the frequency of compromises is lower because it decreases from 5.81 to 3.56. However, among the 90% to have compromised, they are 24 to have faced more than 10 over the year and it is the financial sector that is the most affected.

As for the attacks, 87% have seen an increase in frequency over the past year. For companies with more than 100,000 people, it is a net increase with a rate of 113% while small structures of less than 50 people are around 28.4%. It should be noted that the Manufacturing and Engineering sectors invariably suffer a sustained level of attacks (the highest average being 76%). They are 5% among the companies questioned to have not undergone any attack …

Phishing Still in the Spotlight

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Compared to last year, they are less likely to find attacks more and more sophisticated, 79% against 94%. And when the attack succeeds, we see that for 34% of them, it is the phishing means of entry, the ransomware still coming in second place with 17%.

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