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The Number of Cyber Attacks on Windows 7 Increased by More Than 71%

As you know, in a few months Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7, the latest update for this OS will be released on January 14, 2020. According to researchers from Webroot, the number of cyberattacks on Windows 7 has increased by more than 71% compared to 2018. In general, computers that use the Windows 7 operating system are twice as likely to become infected as computers based on Windows 10.

Windows 7 home PC users are most at risk of attacks since 64% of infections target these devices.

“There are many factors contributing to such performance, not least because most corporate devices are protected by firewalls for businesses, while users’ home devices may be less protected. Secondly, an ordinary person is more likely to exercise caution when viewing web pages on a work device owned by the employer, ”the researchers explain.

In cases of attacks on devices based on Windows 7, most malicious programs hide their files in places where they are more difficult to find. For example, 41% of malware samples are hiding in a temporary folder, 24% move their files to AppData, and about 11% live in the system cache folder.

Based on Windows 7, approximately 30% of all computers in the world are still running.

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