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Israeli Cybersecurity Firm Identified a Bug in WhatsApp Which Allow’s to Manipulate Messages

Israeli cybersecurity firm Check Point Software Technologies has identified vulnerabilities in WhatsApp that allow hackers to manipulate messages in public and private conversations, Bloomberg says. On July 23, another security breach in documents shared between users of the messaging application had also been reported.

Israeli company Check Point Software says investigators have found three vulnerabilities that could allow conversation manipulation. One allows you to change the identity of one of the senders in group conversations, another allows you to modify another user’s response to a specific message, and the third allows one of the users to send a supposedly private message to another group participant, but that is, in public truth. This way, when the user answers this answer can be visible to everyone.

Regarding the flaw disclosed on Thursday, Victor Chebyshev, security researcher at Kaspersky cybersecurity firm, says that “ these security flaws that were found in the app are indeed very worrying as users can be humiliated in a group chat through fake messages sent by hackers. Despite the warnings, the expert does not recommend that users stop using the application.

While these security bugs are very dangerous, they are very common in any software. Users should be very cautious when using the app, especially in group conversations. In case of suspicion, users should confirm with the sender the authorship of the messages in a private conversation.

Victor Chebyshev, a security researcher at Kaspersky

Victor Chebyshev further recommends that users keep an eye out for recent WhatsApp updates and “download new versions as soon as possible to stay safe”.

A Facebook spokesman said in a statement that he reviewed this issue carefully a year ago and attests that “it is false to suggest that there is a vulnerability with the WhatsApp security system. ” “The scenario described here is the mobile equivalent of changing an answer in an email segment to make it look like text that wasn’t written by that person. We need to keep in mind that addressing the concerns raised by these investigators can make WhatsApp less private – as we have to store information about the origin of messages, ”he adds.

Check Point says it warned WhatsApp about these flaws late last year. The application (which belongs to Facebook) says one of the concerns has been addressed, but the other two are difficult to address because of the message encryption system. WhatsApp was bought by Facebook in 2014 in a $19 billion deal.

Via: Bomberg

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